Flavor Components

Flavor Components

Flavor Components

Lugo Nutrition’s Flavor Components contribute to the final food and beverage flavor. These flavoring substances help solve a variety of formulation obstacles including sugar reduction, bitter off notes and shelf life extension. These FEMA Gras flavors allow food technologists to make the taste modifications necessary for the success of their food based products.

Lugo Nutrition Citrosa Flavor Components


Citrosa® is HealthTech BioActive’s brand of the FEMA Gras flavoring substance Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone. Citrosa® is derived from immature bitter oranges and produced in the South of Spain by the vertically integrated, Ferrer HealthTech. Citrosa® allows food technologists to modify sweetness, flavor and reduce sugar in food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Lugo Nutrition Flavor Components

Flavor Modifiers

Lugo Nutrition offers additional components designed for flavor modification. These ingredients improve flavor, impart bitterness, modify sweetness, and allow for the masking of bitter off-notes. Natural and naturally derived components are available. Please contact for further information.