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Joint Health Improving overall joint health & mobility

Lugo Nutrition Cucuminoids

Offered in partnership with Nutriventia, a brand of Inventia Healthcare, a pioneer in novel drug delivery solutions (NDDS).

Joint Health

Clinically validated for joint and muscle health, low dose, CLP-certified, water-dispersible turmeric nutraceutical ingredient for dietary supplement, gummy, functional food & beverage formulations.

TurmXTRA®60N is our standardized, proprietary water-dispersible turmeric extract. We have validated it through multiple preclinical, human pharmacokinetic and clinical trials to establish bioequivalence* of 250mg TurmXTRA® 60N with 1575mg of standard turmeric extract. A standard turmeric extract typically contains 95% bioactives. Most dietary supplement marketers recommend multiple capsules to achieve the intended effect. With proven bioequivalence and high potency formulation, TurmXTRA® 60N is expected to be equally effective at 1/10th the dose of standard turmeric extract.

  • All natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Diet sourced additives
  • Does not contain Non-toxic additives
  • No harmful solvents
  • GMP compliant
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Collagen Lugo Nutrition

Pasture Raised Hydrolized Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, present in your Skin, Hair, Nails, Joints, Bones, and elsewhere. As our bodies age, the natural production of collagen decreases steadily over time, leading to the presentation of wrinkles, thinning hair, and joint discomfort.  Supplementation with Collagen Peptides is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to healthy aging and staying active.

Our Collagen comes from South American Pasture Raised Bovine sources with the highest standards of quality. Unlike many collagen producers, who produce collagen from Gelatin, our Collagen is produced directly from the hides, eliminating chemical processes and generating a cleaner, more sustainable end product.  Our product is 3rd party tested to ensure they are free from antibiotics, Pesticides, Allergens, Hormones, Heavy Metals, Gluten, GMO, and BSE.

Our Hydrolyzed Collagen utilizes the highest quality collagen sources including:

  • Pasture raised Bovine and Porcine source that naturally eat grass and roam pastures
  • Not fed grain in feedlot conditions
  • Antibiotic and Pesticide-free
  • Free from Allergens, Hormones, Heavy Metals
  • Gluten, GMO, and BSE-free
Lugo Nutritio Multi-Collagen Proprietary Blen

Multi-Collagen Blend

Today’s collagen consumer is more educated than ever on the various types of collagens available in the body. Because of this, we have created a custom blend of Collagen Types I, II, III, & V to allow brands to deliver a full spectrum product through a single ingredient input.  We can customize this blend to suit any dosing requirements.

Our Multi-Collagen utilizes the highest quality collagen ingredients including:

  • South American Pasture Raised Bovine Hide
  • Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock Marine Collagen
  • Hydrolyzed Type II Chicken Collagen
  • Eggshell Membrane