Nutritional Ingredients

Nutritional Ingredients

Lugo Nutritional Ingredients

Lugo Nutrition’s line of Nutritional ingredients includes vitamins and bioactive compounds that promote overall health. Our nutritional ingredients are for use in dietary supplements and to fortify and enrich the nutrition of functional food and beverages.  They are also known to assist with healthy aging and boost immunity.  Our complete product line consists of targeted health ingredients for cognitive, cardiovascular, bone & joint health.

Lugo Natural Nutritional Ingredients

Fruit Powders

Lugo Nutrition’s all natural fruit powders consist of spray dried fruit extracts sourced from Brazil.  This line features various concentrations of Açai and Acerola powder.  Açai is a rich source of anthocyanins, while Acerola contains a natural, bioavailable form of Vitamin C.  Please contact for more information on these extracts and other available fruit powders.

Lugo Caffeine Nutritional Ingredients

Energizing Extracts

The energy category delivers functional foods and beverages aimed at boosting energy.   Lugo Nutrition’s Green Coffee Extract, Guarana, and Green Mate naturally enhance the energy content of ready to drink beverages, shots, snacks and confectionary.  These Brazilian sourced ingredients are available in liquid and powder form and are often used in supplements that target weight loss, antioxidant activity and increased energy.

Lugo Health Nutritional Ingredients


Lugo Nutrition offers a broad line of general and specialty health ingredients. The line includes NanoQ10, a solubilized nano grade Coenzyme Q10 powder and MecobalActive®, a bioactive form of Vitamin B12. Clinically supported health ingredients that target cognitive, digestive, heart and bone health are also available. Please contact for more information.