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Lugo Nutrition Color Ingredients


Lugo Nutrition’s line of Carotenoids nutritionally enriches foods & beverages, as well as provides clean label solutions.

Lugo Nutrition Gelatins and Collagens

Taste & Texture

Flavoring components, gelatins & collagens of the highest purity & sustainably sourced with kosher alternatives to improve mouth feel, retain flavor, modify sweetness, & mask bitterness.



Lugo Nutrition’s line of nutritional ingredients includes vitamins & bioactive compounds that promote overall health.


About Us Family Owned & Operated

Lugo Nutrition Logo
Lugo Nutrition has been supplying quality flavor & nutritional ingredients to
the food, beverage, nutraceutical, & pharmaceutical industries for nearly forty years.

Lugo Nutrition, Inc., formerly known as The O.C. Lugo Co., was founded when Oscar Lugo began sourcing Gelatin in the early 1970s. Over the years, Lugo Nutrition has increased its product portfolio to include Carotenoids, Flavor Components and Nutritional Ingredients.

On January 1, 2012, Lugo Nutrition legally separated from its parent company, The O.C. Lugo Co., and expanded its resources to focus solely on the Nutritional Industry. Lugo Nutrition continues to penetrate the North American market providing customers with ingredients that impart color, improve taste, modify texture and enhance nutrition of their products.

Through Lugo Nutrition’s rigorous manufacturer selection and exclusive supplier relationships, customers benefit from innovative quality ingredients, technical and application assistance, superior customer service and long lasting business relationships.

Our Products Enhancing Taste, Color, & Nutrition Naturally

Lugo Nutrition stands at the forefront of providing premium ingredients, carotenoids & natural colors for clean label solutions. Our dietary ingredients are formulated to fortify & enrich nutrition, empowering consumers with healthier choices. Discover the essence of natural goodness with Lugo Nutrition’s innovative solutions for taste, color & nutrition enhancement.

Carotenoids & Natural Color for Clean Label Solutions.

FEMA Gras Flavors to Improve Taste & Modify Sweetness.

A Complete Line of Gelatins from a Variety of Animal Sources.

Dietary Ingredients to Fortify & Enrich Nutrition.

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