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Sleep, Stress & Mood Improving overall mental health management

Prolanza Ashwaganda

Offered in partnership with Nutriventia, a brand of Inventia Healthcare, a pioneer in novel drug delivery solutions (NDDS).

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Prolanza Single Daily Dose Ashwagandha is a long-acting Ashwagandha root extract-based ingredient containing a broad spectrum of 20 Withanolides, 10 of which are USP compliant. Prolanza’s innovative release pattern enables it to exert its clinical benefits for a prolonged duration with just a single daily dose. 

Approximately 75% US adults reported being stressed in 2022 (APA Stress in America™ Survey). The survey found that there was “a battered American psyche, facing a barrage of external stressors.” This survey also showed that 27% of respondents said that most days they are so stressed out they cannot function. Much of this stress stems from excessive worry about the political, global and economic environment.

Prolanza is a long-acting once-a-day adaptogen that addresses life-stress by reducing cortisol levels, thereby reducing the impact of the stressor(s) and promoting better memory recall, accuracy of recall, and sleep improvements. Through supporting healthier stress management, only one 300 mg dose of Prolanza™ encourages desirable cognitive function by improving memory recall and accuracy under stressed conditions.

Clinically validated for all-day stress management, CLP-certified, and innovative sustained release ashwagandha nutraceutical ingredient extract for your supplement formulation.

  • Food Sourced Excipients
  • Non-GM0
  • GMP Compliant
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Melotime Melanonin for Sleep Health

Offered in partnership with Nutriventia, a brand of Inventia Healthcare, a pioneer in novel drug delivery solutions (NDDS).

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A proprietary melatonin nutraceutical ingredient that is timed release to provide sustained 8-hour sleep. Suitable for your dietary supplement, gummy, functional food & beverage formulations. 

Melotimeis time-released systematically during 8 hours of sleep, releasing the first 50% of the dose in the first hour and then the subsequent dosage is released at each 1 hour. Due to this release profile, the right dosage of Melatonin is achieved without giving a drowsy feeling the next morning. Its small particle size offers added advantage of application versatility, and it can be easily adapted in applications such as gummies, tablets, and capsules, etc.

  • Non-GMO
  • Non toxic additives
  • No harmful solvents
  • GMP compliant
  • Diet sourced additives
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